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Housing Filter
Housing Filter
Housing Filter
Housing Filter
Housing Filter
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Last Updated
06 Mar 2020
Country Origin
United States
Minimum Order
1 Gram (g)

Specification of

Housing Filter Size 10 inches for a review of the air filter threaded 1/2 "

Can be used to review the entire house mounted taxable income OR WITH faucet fitting Supplement.

Air filter housing singer has two seals so easy to leak and can NOT be using ALL cartridge Yang Yang has the same size (10 inches).

The CHOICE filter Yang Number: Available ANTARA lie:
- Sediment Filter: to filter sediment / Solid particles such as soil, sand, moss, worms, etc.
- Carbon Filter (CTO / GAC): to absorb organic substances ON air, Improving the taste, color and odor Reduces.
- Resin Cation: to Reduce the lime content of air ON
- Greensand: to reduce levels of iron and manganese air hearts

Housing Filter function is to review put the cartridge filter (cartridge filter) Which hearts screening process so the air filter cartridge can NOT be Stand Alone necessitating filter housing as his home. Filter housings are prayer size filter housing Namely WITH 10-inch High And High WITH filter housing 20 inches. Each size Must be paired WITH WITH Appropriate filter cartridge filter housing Namely size of 10 inches using a filter cartridge Should The size of 10 inches. Also such filters for a review of housing size of 20 inches using the filter cartridge Should WITH 20-inch size also. Filter Housing 10 inches have a size of 3/4 inch input and output size 3/4 inches, so 20 inch filter housing Also have a size of 3/4 inch input and output sizes 3/4 inches anyway.

Good The 10-inch and 20-inch Yang Singer filter housing can be filled WITH assortment of media cartridge filter depending on the purpose of filtering the air as follows:
Media Fill WITH Spun cartridge for a review of the air filter from the mud, soil and sand
Media Fill cartridge GAC OR WITH OR CARBON CTO for review Active filter air that smelled of chlorine, banger etc.
Fill the cartridge WITH Sand Active Media for the best review eliminate the Many contains iron (Fe) Low Rate (smell iron / yellow)
Media Fill WITH cartridge eliminates air Ferrolite to review the Many contains iron (Fe) High Level (iron odor / yellow / brown precipitate)
Fill Media cartridge WITH Mangan Ziolit for a review of air eliminates the Many contains manganese (Mn 2+) (a thick layer of oily skin on the surface of the water)
Fill Media cartridge WITH Resin Cation for a review of air eliminates the Many contains limestone (CaCO3), Magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca)

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