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Filter housing Big Blue 20 inch
Filter housing Big Blue 20 inch
Filter housing Big Blue 20 inch
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Last Updated
24 Mar 2020
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United States
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1 unit

Specification of

Housing Filter Size 20 inch model big flow (fast flow) for Air filter drat 1 "
Can be used for the entire house or installed after the tap with additional fittings.

Filter Housing has a big flow models is greater than the standard model of the filter housing that serves to filter the water in streams or fast flow. Big flow filter housing is using all cartridges that have the same size (20 inch).

As for the selection of filters available only between the other:
- Sediment Filter: To filter out sediment / solid particles such as soil, sand, moss, worms, etc.
- Carbon Filter (CTO / GAC): To absorb organic matter in the water, improving the taste, color and odor reduction.
- Resin Cation: To reduce the lime content in the water

- Greensand: To reduce the levels of iron and manganese in water


The Filter Housing is a function to put the filter cartridge (filter cartridges) which was in the process of filtering water then filter cartridge cannot stand on its own so that the required filter housing as his home. Housing there are two sizes, namely filter housing filter with a height of 10 inches and housing filters with a height of 20 inches. Each measure must be paired with a cartridge filter that corresponds to the size of 10 inch filter housing should use the cartridge filter that measures 10 inches. Likewise for size 20 inch filter housing should use the cartridge filter with a size of 20 inches as well. 10 inch filter housing has a size of 3/4 inch input and output size is 3/4 inch, so too the filter Housing 20 inches have a size 3/4-inch input and output size is 3/4 inch anyway.

Housing is commonly used for reverse osmosis filter pre large capacity so as not to break easily. This filter can be filled with media:

cartridge media Spun to filtering the water from mud, dirt and sand
GAC media cartridge or CTO or activated carbon to filter the air that smelled of chlorine, banger etc.
Active Sand media cartridge to remove a lot of water contains iron (Fe) low level (the smell of iron/yellow)
Ferrolite media cartridge to remove a lot of water contains iron (Fe) high level (the smell of iron/yellow/brown deposits)
cartridge Ziolit for Manganese removing media water contains Manganese (Mn2 +) (the oily layer on the surface of the water)
Cation Resin media cartridge to remove the water contains lime (CaCO3), Magnesium (Mg), it is Calsium (Ca)































































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