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TDS Meter is a device used to measure the particle: dissolved solids in drinking water which is not visible to the eye.
TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. Every drinking water always contains dissolved particles are not visible to the eye,
can be either solid particles (such as metal content such as: iron, Aluminum, copper, manganese etc.)
as well as particles of micro organisms such as solids non etc. One way to measure it is using a tool called a TDS meter.
This tool could gauge how the amount of dissolved solids therein in units of ppm (mg/L) indicated a number of digital at displaynya.
The workings of these tools is by way of dipping into the water to be measured (approximately 5 cm depth) and automatically measuring tools work.
At the time of the first dipped a number indicated by the display is still changeable, please wait for approximately 2 to 3 minutes until digital numbers stable.
TDS meter is used as a means of checking the purity of the water and the levels of minerals that are ideal for all water purification applications such as checking a refill drinking water, reverse osmosis water, water distillation, water PAM, aki water, ground water, waste water, hard water regulation, aquaculture hydroponics, and colloidal silver. Digital tds meter features this laboratory are:
-Very efficient and accurate because it uses microprocessor.
-HOLD Function: to save the measurement, for reading and recording.
-Fumsi Auto-off: meter shuts automatically after 10 minutes of no use to save battery life.
-Measurement Range: 0-9990 ppm. From 0-999 ppm resolution, with the addition of 1ppm. From 1000-9990 ppm resolution, with the addition of 10 ppm, indicated by a blinking ' x 10 ' image.
-Built-in digital thermometer



















































































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