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Activated carbon Haycarb
Activated carbon Haycarb
Activated carbon Haycarb
Activated carbon Haycarb
Activated carbon Haycarb
Activated carbon Haycarb
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Specification of Activated carbon Haycarb

Activated carbon is the carbon in the process such that the pori – porinya open, and thus would have had high absorbance. Activated carbon-free and carbon-merupakkan has a surface in (internal surface), so have a good absorption. The liveliness of the power absorbed from this activated carbon depending on the number of kabonnya compounds ranging from 85% to 95% carbon-free. The activated carbon is black, no smell, no taste and have an absorbance greater than with active carbon that has yet to go through the activation process, and has a surface area of, which is an area between 300 to 2,000 m/gram. Activated carbon has two forms according the size details, i.e. active carbon powder and granular activated carbon (granulated). Activated carbon powder size diameter details less than or equal to 325 mesh. Granular activated carbon while the size of the diameter of the larger details of the 325 mesh.

Activated carbon is a form of charcoal have been through activation by using CO2 gas, moisture or chemicals so the pore open and thus porinya power absorpsinya be higher zat color and smell. Activated carbon contains 5 to 15 percent water, 2 to 3 percent and the remainder is made up of carbon. Amorphous-shaped activated carbon consists of flat-plate-plate, compiled by the C atoms covalently bonded in a hexagonal lattice with one atom C at any angle. The plates these plates-reams of one another forming crystals with residual hydrocarbons, ter and other organic compounds that are left on the surface

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