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Manganese Greensand CMF Product Specifications
Manganese Greensand

Manganese Greensand is used to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in the water.

Manganese Greensand Is Formulated From The Greensand Glauconite Which Is Able To Reduce Iron, Manganese And Hydrogen Sulfide From Water Through Oxidation And Filtration. Iron and manganese Are Dissolved Oxidized By green sand Granules.

-Reduction Of The Effective Hydrogen Sulfida in addition to iron and manganese
-The Risk Of Failure Is Low And The Age Long Usage


Physical Properties:
-Color: Black
-Bulk Density: 85 lbs./Cu. Ft.
-Specific Gravity: 2.4-2.9
-Effective Size: 0.30-0.35 Mm
-Uniformity checked's: 1.6
-Mesh Size: 16-60

Conditions At The Time Of Operation:
-Water Ph Range: 6.2-8.5
-Maximum Water Temperature: 80 ° F/26.7 ° C
-Bed Depth: 30 In.
Freeboard:-50% OfBed Depth (Min.)
-Regeneration: 1.5 to 2 Oz Of Kmno4 By Weight Per Cu. Ft.
-Service Flow Rate: 3-5 Gpm/sq. ft., 8-10 Gpm/sq.ft. Intermittent Flow is Possible
-Backwash Flow Rate: 10-12 Gpm/sq.ft.
Backwash-Bed Expansion: 40% Of Bed Depth (Min.)
-Maximum Practical Limit Of Iron (Fe ++) Or Manganese (Mn + +) In Raw Water: 15 Ppm
-Maximum Practical Limit Of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s): 5 Ppm


This Red Creature Mangaan Sand And Used To Menurunkan Iron/Levels of heavy metals in water. Lifetime of 3 S/D 12 months. (Depending On Usage And Water Conditions)


The Characteristics Of Water Containing Iron Is High:
-If The Water Deposited Overnight Packed Will Turn Red/Reddish
-Floor/Wall That Bypassed The Water Creature Tsb Red
-Water Smell (Bangar)

Weight: 25 Litres/31 Kg
Packaging: Sack/Zak

Manganese greensand 25L per sack. The function of Manganese greensand is to eliminate kandungan manganese (Mn2 +), iron, hydrogen sulfide that looked like the top layer of oily in the drinking water or groundwater or water TAPS or mountain water.
Manganese Greensand is a special sand coated with a catalyst. Manganese Greensand use this layer to react with the iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in water and form deposits which are then trapped in the filter media. Manganese Greensand must be regenerated with Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) to rejuvenatethe layer again. We always recommend that a water softener (softener) installed after the filter to remove Ferrous Bicarbonate (FeCO2) who escapes from the filter.


Manganese Greensand also will eliminate a number of hydrogen sulfide. However, we only recommend the Manganese Greensand to eliminate hydrogen sulfide in water problems.

Manganese Greensand is formulated from the greensand glauconite which is able to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water melalui oxidation and filtration. The dissolved iron and manganese is oxidized by contact with oxide manganese greensand granules on high. Hydrogen sulfide by oxidation becomes reduced deposition of sulphur is dissolved. The sediment is then filtered and eliminated by way of backwashing. When the power capacity of oxidizing medium Manganese Greensand is exhausted, then it must be regenerated this media with a solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) dilute so as to restore the ability of oxidasi. 1 ½ to 2 ounces of potassium permanganat in solution per 30 cm cubic Manganese Greensand is considered sufficient for normal regneration. In this case it needs to be done and backwash media regeneration at time of service and process before oxidation ability is completely exhausted. The operation of the media after being discharged will reduce oxidation ability of age and can cause staining.


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