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Silika Sand

Specification of Java Silica Sand Filter Media

Silica Sand Function Or So-Called Quartz Sand Or Quartz Sand ( Sio2 ) Is To Remove The Content Of The Mud Or Soil And Sediment In Drinking Water Or Ground Water Or Tap Water Or Mountain Water In The Water Treatment Industry . In Addition To The Field Of Water Treatment , Silica Sand Can Be Used In Various Industries Such As Industrial / Processing Or Manufacture Of Sand Blasting Futsal Court With Various Mesh Sizes . In Industrial Activities , The Use Of Quartz Sand Has Been Grown Extensively , Either Directly As The Main Raw Material And Follow-Up Materials . As The Main Raw Material , For Example Used In Industrial Glass / Glass , Cement , Tiles , Mosaic Tiles, Raw Materials Ferro Silicon , Silicon Carbide Materials Abrasit ( Sandpaper And Sand Blasting ) . Meanwhile, As A Follow-Up , For Example In Industrial Castings , Petroleum And Mining Industries , Refractory Bricks ( Refractory ) , And So Forth . Quartz Sand Reserves Are The Largest In West Sumatra , Another Potential Found In West Kalimantan , West Java , South Sumatra , South Kalimantan And Bangka And Belitung Island .

Quartz Sand In The Manufacture Of Cement Serves As A Complement To The Silica Content Of The Cement Produced . The Content Of Silica For Cement Plants Ranged 21.3 % Sio2 . If The Composition Of Sio2 Quartz Sand Added Yet Achieved . Quartz Sand Usage In This Industry Vary Depending On The Silica Content Of Other Raw Materials , Usually Ranging Between 6-7 % . In The Ceramic Industry , Quartz Sand Is Forming Ceramic Bodies Along With Other Raw Materials , Such As Kaolin , Clay , Feldspar , And Dyes . Quartz Sand Is Generally Forming Properties Of Glazing On Ceramic Body , So The Shape Is Slick And Easy To Clean . In Addition , Quartz Sand As A Material Having Properties That Can Simplify Board Drying Process , Control , Shrinkage , And To Frame The Ceramic Body . End Process Of Quartz Sand Into Glass Processing And Glass , By The Way Fuses Them With Other Materials Such As Soda And Lime In A Melting Furnace . As A Glass -Forming Material Contribution Silica ( Sio2 ) Is Very Dominant . Other Elements Such As Soda ( Na2o ) Used In The Melting Process , While Lime ( Cao And Mgo ) Serves As A Stabilizer When The Process Of Melting And Re- Forming The Glass And The Glass . Typically , The Sulfur Is Added During Processing To Help Softening Glasses When Melted . For The Manufacture Of High -Quality Glass That Needs To Be Added Aluminum Oxide ( Al2o3 ) And To Increase The Resilience Of B2o3 Glass . Utilization Of Quartz Sand In The Foundry Industry , Because It Has A Higher Melting Point Of The Metal . The Function Of Quartz Sand In This Industry Is As A Print And Foundry Sand . Conditions Of Quartz Sand For Molding Sand Need Specific Criteria , Such As The Spread And Grain Smoothness , Grain Shape , Bulk Density , Permeability And The Base Point Of Sinter , Clay Content , Water Tempering , Compressive Strength , Shear Strength , And Permeabilitas.Pasir Quartz In Industrial Fire Bricks Used For Forming Brick Construction . The Use Of Quartz Sand In Other Industries , Namely As A Reinforcement Material In The Processing Of Rubber , Filler Materials ( Paint Industry ) , Abrasive Material ( Industrial Grinding ) , Rust Material ( Metal Industry ) , Filter Materials ( Industrial Water Purification ) , The Raw Material In The Manufacture Of Ferro Silicon Carbide , And Others , As In The Microchip Industry ( Electronics ) .

Today, With The Development Of Technology Began Many Applications The Use Of Silica In The Industry Has Increased , Especially In The Use Of Silica In Small Particle Size To The Micron Scale Or Even Nanosilika . Conditions Raw Material Particle Size Is Reduced To Make The Products Have Different Properties That Can Improve The Quality . As One Example Of Micron-Size Silica Widely Applied In Building Materials , Namely As An Ingredient In Concrete . Empty Cavities Between The Cement Particles Will Be Filled By Mikrosilika Thus Serves As A Reinforcing Material For Concrete ( Mechanical Properties ) And Increased Durability (Durability ) . During This Mikrosilika Domestic Needs Met By Imported Products . Other Sizes Are Smaller Nanosilika Bnyak Used In Applications In The Tire Industry , Rubber , Paints , Cosmetics , Electronics , And Ceramics . As One Example Is In The Tire And Rubber Products In General . The Benefits Of Adding Nanosilika The Tire Will Make The Tire Memiiki Better Adhesion Especially On Snowy Roads , Reduce Noise Generated And Are Longer Tire Life Than Products Without The Addition Nanosilika Tires . To Obtain The Size Of The Silica To The Size Of The Nano / Mikrosilika Need Special Treatment In The Process . To Mikrosilika Can Usually Be Obtained By Special Milling Method , Which Is The Usual Method Of Milling Specially Modified So The Ability To Destroy Far More Effective , Even With This Method It Is Also Possible To Obtain Silica At The Nanoscale . As For Nanosilika Can Be Obtained With Certain Methods Which Have Now Been Widely Studied Of Which Is The Sol- Gel Process , Gas Phase Process , Chemical Precipitation , Emulsion Techniques, And Plasma Spraying & Foging Process ( Polymerization Of Dissolved Silica Into Organo- Silica ) . In Addition Is That Industrial Production , Capacity Utilization Is Not Maximized Local Silica , Only 50 % Of The Maximum Capacity Of The Existing . This Is Because The Local Silica Products Produced Not Meet The Specifications Required By The Market Ie The Size Of Sub- Micron Silica , While Local Production Of Silica Size = 30 Lm . With Reserves Of Raw Materials Abundant Silica And The Potential Market Is Still Wide Open It Is Necessary To Find A Solution So That Available Resources Can Be Optimally Utilized For The Development Of Industrial Use Of Raw Materials Silica Sand .

In Summary Uses Silica Sand :

1 . At The Water Treatment Plant For Purification By Absorbing Mud , Soil , Sediment ( 4-30 Mesh , Range : 4-6 , 8-16 , 16-30 )

2 . Abrasit In Industrial Materials Ie Sand / Sand Blasting ( 8-30 Mesh , 16-30 )

3 . Material Industry's Main Form Of Silica Flour / Silica Flour ( 50-2500 Mesh Mesh Generally 100,150,200,300,325 ) Is For Glass / Glass ( Sio2 > 95 % , 200-325 Mesh ) , Cement ( Sio2 = 21.3 % , 200-325 Mesh ) , Tile / Mosaic / Ceramic ( Forming Properties Of Slick / Easy To Clean , Mesh 200-325 ) , Ferro Silicon , Silicon Carbide , Microchip / Electronic ( Nano-Size Silica )

4 . Followup Raw Materials / Industrial Mix In The Cast / Precast ( Size Micro Silica ) , Petroleum / Mining ( 200-325 Mesh ) , Refractory Bricks ( Refractory , 200-325 Mesh )

5 . Court Futsal ( 8-16 Mesh ) , Landscapping ( 60-100 Mesh )

6 . Material As Reinforcement Material In A Mixture Of Industrial Rubber / Tires / Paint ( Nano-Size Silica ) , Grinding















































































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