reverse osmosis membrane filmtech 50 GPD

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Specification of reverse osmosis membrane filmtech 50 GPD

Reverse Osmosis Membrane filmtec 50GPD of Dow USA

Maximum capacity 50GPD or the equivalent of 189 liters per 24 hours

Claims from DOW, Membrane filmtec has a larger output s / d 20% compared to other membrane under pressure (pressure) the same.

Feautre of Membrane filmtec:

- Age is longer, thus reducing operating costs.

- Have a safety certification NSF

- Automated production process ensures consistent product quality

- Submitted in the form of a dry (no liquid in packaging) for easy handling and age shelf-life longer.

- Quality products that significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of Quality Control (QC)


Membrane Type: Polyamide Thin-Film Composite

Maximum Operating Temperature: 45 C

Maximum Operating Pressure = 150psi / 10 bar

Max Feed Flow Rate = 2GPM / 7.6 LPM

pH Range: 2-11

Maximum Feed Silt Density Index: 5

Free Chlorine Tolerance: 0 .1 ppm

Membrane Dow filmtec can register on the web DOW (To ensure that you receive the original membrane):

RO membranes or so-called reverse osmosis membrane is a membrane made of a semipermeable membrane that can be recharged which serves to filter or filter water from the metal content, viruses or bacteria that produce pure water free from contamination. These membranes can lower tds (total dissolved solids) because it has a very fine filtering size is up to 1 / 10,000 microns, or the equivalent of a hair for one million. With such a small size of the viruses, bacteria and metal content will be filtered out where the ro membrane size is much smaller than the size of viruses, bacteria and logam.Membran content of this RO RO housing should be added to the appropriate size, respectively. Usually after one year the use of RO membrane must be replaced or may take longer / faster depends on the level of usage and condition of raw water to be filtered.

We provide reverse osmosis membranes with a capacity of 50-400 Gpd






















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