RO machine 75/100 Gpd Undersink Eugen 7/8 stages/stages

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Specifications for RO 75 / 100 GPD Undersink Machine Brand Eugen

Sell ​​RO 75 / 100 GPD Undersink machine Eugen brand,
The Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water filter machine is a direct drinking water processing machine that can remove dangerous pollutants in PAM water or well water (do not use for sea water or hot water) such as heavy metals, pesticides, poisons, chemical substances, radioactive particles, bacteria, viruses, salts, sediments, etc.

This Eugen 75 / 100 GPD Brand Reverse Osmosis Machine is a complete set and has been assembled so it can be installed straight away. This RO machine is equipped with a pressure gauge which functions to find out if the membrane is clogged. The 75 GPD RO machine produces 15 gallons per day and is usually used for convection, small restaurants, large households or small factories


1 Booster pump DC 24V
1 membrane Ro 75 / 100 G (stage 4)
1 ro membrane housing 75 / 100 G
3 Filter Housings
1 Sediment filter (Stage 1)
1 UDF Carbon filter (Stage 2)
1 CTO Carbon Filter (Stage 3)
1 Posh carbon (Stage 5)
1 Bio Mineral (Stage 6)
1 UV (Stage 7)
Iron plate frame
1 pressure tank
frame neck faucet
stainless steel valves.
 Household RO machines have several advantages, including:

1. *Effective Filtration*: RO machines can remove most contaminants from water, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals, resulting in water that is cleaner and healthier to drink.

2. *Improved Taste and Aroma*: By removing unwanted contaminants and minerals, RO machines can improve the taste and aroma of water, making it fresher and more enjoyable to drink.

3. *Ease of Use*: Household RO machines are generally easy to install and operate. They are often equipped with automatic systems that allow easy and convenient use.

4. *Energy Efficiency*: Modern household RO machines tend to be more energy efficient, which can help reduce long-term operating costs.

5. *High Quality Water*: By using reverse osmosis technology, RO machines produce high quality water and are free from many contaminants that can be harmful to health.

6. *Minimum Waste*: Compared to buying bottled water or using other water filtration systems, household RO machines can help reduce plastic waste and long-term costs.

7. *Convenience*: By having an RO machine at home, you have immediate access to clean water whenever you need it, without having to rely on purchasing bottled water or other water sources.
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