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Package Depot Mineral Water Refill - Economical
Package Depot Mineral Water Refill - Economical
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IDR 10000000.00

Specification of

Specifications Engine Filters Beverage Depot Mineral Water Refill - Economical:

1 Unit Cabinet bone white partition size (LxWxH) = 150 x 45 x 200 cm. 2 Contents 1 Washing

Depot Refill

1 unit water pump 125 watts

pump Simizu

1 Unit electrical Kran

solenoid valve

1 Unit high Ultraviolet Radiation


6 Housing Unit filter 10 in

Housing and cartridge filters

2 unit activated carbon cartridges grade A

Activated carbon CMF

4 Unit spun sediment cartridges 3 and 1 micron

Mineral production capacity of 400 gallons per day

Total electric power of 250 Watt

Each purchase of drinking water refill depot've got

1 Set the electrical circuit in the closet partition

1 Set circuit piping in the closet partition

Depot Water Refill

1000 Close gallon

Close Galon

1000 Tissue gallon

Tissu Gallon

1 Unit TDS Meters

TDS Meters

1 sheet Banner Sales

1 sheet of water health agencies Results

1 PH meter (Special Package Alkali)

PH meter

1 Electrolysis (Special Package RO)


Mineral water







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