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Water Filter Package 3 Stage Housing Clear 10 "Brass Thread
Water Filter Package 3 Stage Housing Clear 10 "Brass Thread
Water Filter Package 3 Stage Housing Clear 10 "Brass Thread
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24 Feb 2020
1 unit
IDR 124

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Ready-to-use water filter package serves to filter oily dirty water, harmful particles, odorous water, reduce taste & color, filter mossy water, sand, rust. for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use. It is advisable to use INDOOR so that the Housing is protected from direct sunlight.All components used in one package:- 3 Housing Thread 3/4 "brass- 3 Bracket- 3 Wrench (Housing Opener)- 12 screws for bracket- 2 ordinary 3/4 PVC double nipples- 1 Cartridge (Sediment)- 1 CTO- 1 GAC (Granular Active Carbon)Ket. & Functions of components used for Housing:* Sediment (First Housing), serves to filter solid sediment particles that are in water, such as sand, mud, moss, crust, rust, etc.* CTO (Second Housing) is an active form of solid carbon, which is able to improve color (Color), taste (Taste) and odor (odor). Functional carbon is capable of absorbing harmful substances such as chlorine, organic substances, pesticides, etc.* Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) (Third Housing) is the best medium for absorbing organic material and contaminants so as to provide a better sense of water, reduce odor, and improve color.- Ready-to-use Water Filter Packages shipped separately are not made in the form of ready-to-install to avoid broken or broken items. We only send all the components that need to be used in one package ...

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