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Reagent Ammonia Amonia Test Kit
Reagent Ammonia Amonia Test Kit
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Specification of Reagent Ammonia Amonia Test Kit

Description of Water Quality Test Equipment: Ammonia is in the waters due to the organic decomposition process. Besides that, ammonia released in water is also the result of metabolic waste from aquatic organisms. To be monitored, large amounts of ammonia can turn into toxins and threaten the lives of living things. High ammonia levels actually also indicate the contamination of organic materials from household waste, industrial waste, and agricultural fertilizer waste. A high amount of ammonia can also be found at the bottom of the lake which is without oxygen.

Ammonia Test Kit is a quick test tool to find out whether or not the Ammonia / Ammonia content is in food and beverage ingredients.

Product Name: AMMONIA TEST KIT (Qualitative)
Test Amount: Specific for 50x Test Analysis
Fill in:
- 3 Bottles of Ammonia Reagent
- 1 Glass Bottle For Test Sites
- 1 Sheet of How to Use
Save Period: 3 years
Function: To measure the Ammonia / Ammonia content in food and beverages QUALITATIVELY
Available in packages: 50, 100, 200, 300 tests, etc. / Custom upon request.

Its use is very easy, can be done by anyone without having to understand the Laboratory Test Procedure, and does NOT need other chemicals, practical packaging is ready to use

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