Sera Amonia Test Kit
Sera Amonia Test Kit
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10 Jul 2020
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Specification of Sera Amonia Test Kit

Water quality measuring apparatus NH4 / NH3, Ammonium / Ammonia
SERA Ammonia NH4 / NH3 test kit, tester gauge total ammonium & ammonia water aquarium. This product is very easy to use and can provide accurate results. Ammonium levels can tell us how dangerous it is to water pollution. Ammonium is not toxic, but when the pH exceeds the neutral value (pH 7), then toxic Ammonia will form. Therefore, an aquarium with a pH above 7 is no danger of poisoning. For this reason it is necessary to perform simultaneously with a pH test kit
Ammonia content in water above 0.02ppm causes damage to fish isang in a relatively short time. 0.2ppm is dangerous. Starting from 0.5ppm the fish will start to suffocate. For high ammonia levels can be immediately overcome by lowering the pH value or do the water aquarium replacement. Can also by adding bacteria that can remove toxic ammonia, for example with SERA Toxivec.
Summary of product usability:
NH4 / NH3 / Ammonium / Ammonia gauges
Very easy to use
Provide accurate results
Can be for freshwater aquarium and seawater
Other information
Type: Liquid
Total use: 60 times
How to use
Mix the reagent / chemical bottle before use.
Clean the measuring tube several times with clean water. Then fill the water from the aquarium into the measuring tube until it reaches the 5 ml mark (freshwater aquarium). While the sea water aquarium fill up to the mark 10ml.
Add 6 drops of reagent 1 and shake until blended
Add 6 drops of reagent 2 and shake until blended
Add 6 drops of reagent 3 and shake until blended
Compare colors after 5 minutes
Put the tube on top of the color chart, compare its color from the top position looking down. When comparing colors, avoid direct sunlight



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